We don't just build websites

We build a platform for business growth

We specialize in bringing smart, affordable, high-end web design services, online marketing, and business automation to small and medium sized businesses.
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Digital Chair - Website Development & Online Marketing

Website Development, Online Marketing, & Custom Business Solutions

We are a New York based full-service digital agency.

Digital Chair - Website Design and Development

Web Design and Development

We bring your concept to the web with our gorgeous design and development packages tailored to any sized business. All of our websites are responsive, browser-tested, and optimized for all devices.

Website Development
Digital Chair - Online Marketing

Online Marketing

A beautiful website without any traffic is like throwing a great party and inviting no one. Let us throw you a bash. SEO, SMO, PPC, Content, & Video, we custom-tailor each campaign specifically for your business.

Online Marketing
Digital Chair - Business Automation

Business Automation

Our custom backend management systems can digitally run your business with you at the helm, where you should be. With programs to help you optimize your efficiency tenfold, Digital Chair is the answer.

Business Automation

Video marketing is the single most engaging advertising medium available today

Our videographers are ready to bring your message to life so more people can see and hear what your company has to offer
Online Marketing Solutions

Website Design and Development

We use stunning designs to captivate your audience and build the optimal brand experience for your business. With our websites, people will see your message loud and clear whether they're on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

UI & UX Design

Visiting your website is tantamount to a customer coming into your store. Every element on the page is another piece of interaction with your customer where you have a chance to excel and win them over. Frustrated customers leave quickly and don't come back.

Mobile-First Responsive Development

It's no secret that people on the go head straight for the smart phone to check out a business they want to engage with. Don't let your antiquated website scare your customers away. We'll create a web experience that they'll enjoy on their phone, tablet, or computer.

Performance-Driven Front-End Development

No one wants to wait for your page to load. Studies have shown that page load times and one of the first significant causes of lost conversions for new customers. In addition to that, Google ranks pages better if they load quickly enough. Time is money and every second counts.

We think outside the box to develop unique business solutions that work alongside your website to make running your business easier

Some of our Favorite Services

We love making websites. We love making content for SEO. We love writing custom newsletters for you to keep in touch with your clients. We love making video commercials. We love designing banners, advertisements, and user experience driven applications.

In addition to those, we want to share some more of our specialties.

Table Reservations

OpenTable service allows diners to see table availability, menus, helpful restaurant information, and to book a reservation to dine.

Customers are delighted to do this, but restaurants have to pay a pretty penny for this service. We offer an affordable alternative.

Third-party Consulting

Want to have Appointments, Booking, and Invoicing through your site?

We care about giving our customers the best options to choose from and making them happy. Sometimes we can't compete with our competitor's value.

For this reason, we didn't decide to try and beat them, but join them! When you work with us we share our knowledge of third party applications that can help your business.

Live Video Webinars

Services like Adobe Connect Webinars, GoToWebinar, or Citrix Webcast start at $99/month for the most basic packages.

Our Web Conferencing and Webcast solutions are integrated to your site, easy to use, and have some great benefits!

It's 2016 now, and even the smallest mom and pops need to leverage technology to succeed.

When a business is streamlined, and efficiency is ramped up, both owners and customers benefit

Branding and Online Marketing

We bring your business online and to the masses with well-researched and detailed insights to target the right market segments for you.

Multimedia Branding

Our content writers, videographers, and graphic designers bring your message to life through rich multimedia to help brand your business. Brand experience is more than just pretty logos, but we make those too.

Search Engine Optimization

Creating a successful company requires a dominant online presence to attract customers & clientele. Bringing that business to thousands of interested customers on Google through organic marketing is our niche. Let us help get your business to the top.

Social Media Marketing

In our years of experience acquiring customers through successful social media campaigns, we have optimized our process while keeping up to date with the latest on the most popular social media platforms.


Attract New Clients with a Remarkable Website

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Business Automation

Security and Performance

Developing websites, like any software, requires an intimate knowledge of programming design patterns, security exploits, and how to craft safe, efficient code. We choose to use a framework and CMS like Joomla to build on because unlike many of its popular competitors, it maintains a banking-level of security, and an organized, efficient codebase.

Content Management System

Running your business is hard enough. Managing your online business should be a breeze. We create custom management software for you to edit your online business applications and website easily so you don't let managing your online tasks get in the way of running your business. So have a seat and let Digital Chair take care of your online business.

Custom Programming

We create and integrate various web-based software solutions that help optimize your business efficiency. From bookkeeping and invoicing to industry specific applications, we build online programs that help boost productivity and can be accessed from the office, laptop, or on the go wherever there is internet.

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